Greetings, Everyone!

I am happy to say that recording is going swimmingly and we are going to begin tracking bass soon. We’re hot on our way to finally finishing this record. In the mean time, if you haven’t heard or saw, with the hopes that this will hold you and us over until we finally get this album out, we’ve restarted the video blogs and we’re starting an acoustic series called “Made From Wood & Strings” and each month, we’ll release an acoustic, re-interpretated version of a song from this album. peep all of that below!!!

Invasion (acoustic) by ThisInfernalMachine

A Much Needed Update.

It’s hard to believe but we are reaching the one year mark since we began recording our very first album. A year ago, I had it in my mind that we would have this album out by now. In fact, right when we began recording, I thought we would have had it out by September 2010 at the very latest… Then I thought it would be October…




I think it’s fair to say that the three of us just got burnt out. We had other things we were focusing on, which inevitably led to an extended break in recording. After a few months, we came back to listen to what we had done and we weren’t 100% happy with it. So we just decided to start over. We slowly started coming back to the practice space and working on the songs. Making them even tighter. We tweaked a few of the songs that we felt could be stronger. And now, a year later, we begin what I have come to call “Draft 2” of the album. We’re still recording this thing at Studio Savagio, however, this time we are coming equipped with our own gear. Sean got himself a brand new high performance computer as well as a slew of mics. I purchased a new recording interface with better preamps to record vocals and some guitars with here and Brady bought himself a shiny new bass that just sounds unreal. Seriously. I can’t wait to get that bass on this record. It’s like buttuh.

All the signs are pointing to this being it. We’re actually recording an album and it actually will be out within the year. I think the one thing we want more than anything this time through is to feel comfortable while we record it. We thought we could accomplish that even with 2 day microphone rentals, glitchy computers and less than preferable gear. We wanted to prove to the world that we could do this with what we had. It’s not impossible to make a good sounding album on a small budget, I just think this was the world’s way of saying that WE shouldn’t be lazy and that WE need to take it up notch. OK WORLD, WE HEAR YOU!!

It is our hope that we can kick the video blogs back into gear as well. The last one was uploaded around the 4th of July. It’s been too long. We really want to document as much of this as we can. I mean, come on!!! EVERYONE loves “making of” videos!! Am I right or am I right?

Get ready, folks. We’re cookin’  up some other special things (FREE THINGS) while we all return back to this journey. I do hope you’ll join us again.


We’re finally doing it, ladies and gentlemen! Recording for our first full length album officially began on May 8th. Drums are in the can, with bass and guitars to follow soon. We are still hoping for a summer release. More details will come in soon as we iron out everything.

thanks for sticking with us, friends!